Psychic Channel Emerging New-World Leader

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Emerging New-World Leader

The psychic message was downloaded on February 13, 2024, but it’s now February 14, 2024. Happy Valentine’s Day, World! Readers have fun while delving into the materials on this website. I want you to know that it is your due diligence to shuffle through these materials chronologically in linear time as my psychic spirit jumps through multiple timelines simultaneously to track many nonphysical and physical alien visitors into their dimensions, realms, and physical worlds. However, this psychic message is about the affairs on Earth.

Psychic channel message:

First, there was the chaos of my emotional state to sort out before the actual psychic messages came pouring through. I must sort out my psychological and emotional release of anything deep within the subconscious. I haven’t felt safe lately because of the hostile alien military presence looming around me as I was scouted as a kid and used as a psychic asset under trauma-based mind control, which separated me from my psychic self, creating a split and suppressing me with the implanting of a programmable mind control entity, and psychic driving death commands. This is just the nature of being a Targeting Individual under constant surveillance and gang stalking. The very nature of these groups behind the stalking, as they emerged from deep, hidden underground military bases and inside mountains around the Globe, was that some of their bases were here longer than the founding of current countries on Earth. They covet our human military department and work as personnel. However, they are a unified hive mind with a similar global agenda. Given the division the United States has over a racial and religious belief system, this makes this country prime for usurping as it takes its citizens (mainly in the military) and taxpayer money to operate in secrecy where financial audits are falsified and hard to trace. A secret they will kill to hide. Pandering to a superiority complex on eugenic belief and a barbaric hierarchal system amongst the group, their very top leaders are nothing more than doctors and scientists needing any human for experimentation. That’s why I was abducted into waking reality in the Laos jungle and then in the United States, dealing with these groups and their unlimited resources because they covet this government for help on secret mind control projects to enslave humanity. So, of course, they will shape the gangstalking group worldview and fuel and install hate. Hence, readers should understand the bravery of Air Force Maj. David Grusch and the like for risking their lives to come forward on subjects like extraterrestrials. A subject that uses flawless psychological or gaslighting tactics to make the victim appear “crazy.” Many in their group are taught how to implement manipulation and sway public opinion to mirror their own or desired viewpoint, yet they are also under mind control by those from whom they take orders.

With all that, I dreamed of seeing tornados, which meant my emotional state was turbulent. I had to discern the symbolic aspect of tornadoes in dreams from a potential prophetic dream. I had prophetic tornado dreams a few years back. I dreamt of a tornado; moments later, I woke up to a tornado siren during the winter! This rare winter tornado in the South made national headlines throughout the United States. Afterward, I started to dream of weather modification technology or weaponization of weather. I see a military buzz-cut blonde male and dark-haired Jewish woman around technologies, which he intended to set off, and she helps design with other scientists. Still, it cannot be reversed once he sets it off as the tornado grows and feeds through natural air currents. But help came in the vision of a more benevolent alien group, which beams an ionized particle into the weaponized tornados. This dream was a series of natural disasters that left many groups in the United States without homes and worldly possessions.

I emerged from the rubbles and, in the spirit form, played with a little kid by taking the child to hide in safer areas from the storm.

Then I go looking for my family and familiar faces amongst flattened communities. I see the faces of Americans of all ethnicities living in this country reduced to nothing but refugees after the warring tornado took everything from them. They gather around the river bed, looking to their country leaders to save them. They were looking for the National Guard to aid them on this riverbank. Still, as the ship approached to give aid, most realized it wasn’t our own government; the Navel ship wasn’t from fellow Americans. Foreign power was sweeping in to provide Americans help. 

It was China!

China emerged more equipped to provide aid and take on the global position of being a new world leader, a role the United States and Russia once fought for during the Cold War.

Post Disclaimer

The psychic channel information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by Olive RA, and while she endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, she make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the post for any purpose. Additional research from readers is needed to confirmed their validity, and do not steal original content information without Olive RA's permission, as this is a collection of channel messages and an autobiography of a psychic healer.

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Winston "Nada" Smith
Winston "Nada" Smith
2 months ago

watch the movie : they live… read 1984 , brave new world…

they can manipulate dreams, induce even 3d images into mind/brain, thoughts , activate the brain area of sexuel drive, giving you thoughts that arent yours…

and btw china is not the good one…

you are right they never left earth why should they? and btw this is the 6/ 7 age of mankind… the moon is an alien motherspaceship, guess what caused the big flood(ebb and flow) mentioned in all ancient culture… guess why it is in the exact positon for a sun eclipse.
and they will reset mankind again…
guess why antarctica(and artcica) is mostly not shown on most worldmap….

I subscribed to your YT.. make your psychic review on me…
iam a t.i. since i was 6 years old, all the years it was covert they did their psychic tests on me.. last 3-4/5 years they made it overt

in my case the gangstalkers are anarchists/antifas/communists/socialists but this street theater pwans havent the means nor the wealths for this new age technologies, this is military/intelligent (alien)equicment

i figured out ican somehow feel presnces of others or somehow know that they think of
me or thattheylook at me evenwhen they are behind me or out of my viewfield..

ps: sry for my bad eng and grammar, but the psychotronic torture/trauma hits hard, its also hard to block/try to reboot the A.i. overwatch my mind/thoughts.

search for the video: 1952 ufos over White house, the day the other aliens took over mankind, and they just do the same like the privious aliens….

its a f-ed up world f-d up place aliens rule the human race…

Winston "Nada" Smith
Winston "Nada" Smith
2 months ago

not cool…

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