Past Life Atlantis: Atean School of Thought and Steps Toward Logical Thinking

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Have you ever had a past life regression? Do you believe in reincarnation or living multiple past timelines before your current life?

Despite your religious belief in the creation of the Universe and the afterlife, there have been documented cases of children recalling their past lives to their parents. These children reveal critical information that researchers can use to uncover a tapestry linked to recorded history that reveals the identity of their children’s former lives. Parents may notice children rambling about nonsense all the time, but this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. However, recalling past lives is unlike the movie The Prodigy, which takes on a more sinister aspect of reincarnation. The concept of reincarnation should not be something to fear. It’s nice that we can have a chance at life again to better our soul evolution on Earth and other planets.

As a psychic, I see people’s lives intertwined in many timelines as a journey to enrich the possible relationships souls can experience through karmic and dharmic ties. Life becomes a stage where the souls are the actors or actresses playing out a script it has written with their spirit guides before coming to Earth. It is the end of a chapter and the beginning of the next. This time, it is a new role, body, and setting.

However, when we’re supposed to take on our new role, some of us are still tethered to the past life due to unhealed trauma or intense past emotions. A past-life regression can release that unhealed trauma, bringing clarity and closure so the soul can move on to its new role.

As a psychic healer, I focus my abilities on healing art and energy work, using my abilities to intuitively see medical issues and make recommendations for the best form of treatment or therapy. As I am not a licensed medical doctor, I would use my intuitive medical abilities to refer clients to their primary care doctor about concerns in my psychic readings. Other healers work with hypnotherapy to delve into clients’ past timelines to facilitate profoundly deep healing. Some people need to release past life emotional baggage or intense emotions directed towards persons with whom they have karmic ties. People from past lives can trigger us to react outside our new role or current character. Like someone who left us hanging at the wedding altar, lied about their identity, and pretended to be someone we’ll fall in love with, this was one of many moments revealed in my Past Life regression with a hypnotherapist.

This is where I would like to share my life experience in Atlantis outside of past-life hypnotherapy. I recall two incidents in which I recall my past timelines on Earth and beyond as an alien during the theta dream state.

The first recall happened when I was seven years old, living in a small house with a walnut or pine tree in the front yard–I’ll say walnut tree because I remember picking up walnuts to crack and eat–tiny house filled with my extended Laotian families in Northern California. I dreamt of running back into a home very different from the one I lived in. It was filled with lights emitted by the walls, and urgent emotion filled me as I ran back to rescue loved ones from an impending catastrophe. The house was lit via the walls, not light bulbs, to create perfect visibility. Then I came to a room where a huge wave rushed out of the door across from me, sweeping me out of the house. I saw water rushing from below, and violent rushing water quickly submerged everything. It happened so suddenly. Then I am floating, but I sense a group coming to get me from the other side. I realize I am dead.

The second recall happened when I met a group of students ready to become future yoga teachers. I am completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training to become a power yoga instructor. I settled into everyone’s energy field, and we all went through a journaling process, meditation, extended yoga poses, proper alignment, and cueing technique, where I became accustomed to everyone’s unique energy signature during those months of training.

Then, this dream came back like a recall. Setting the stage for me to be a student yet again, coming together in an assembly hall, and a few of the yoga student’s energies but in different bodies were with me in this particular school and timeline. I scrambled to get into position and wore the same unisex white pleated toga-like drapery similar to each student’s that now gathered at the atrium. This is where I noticed the state of my mind and thinking process was quite different from that of this tall student that I was versus that of this short Laotian woman now. As I am now in this timeline, my mind and emotions have been broken into many parts, discerning my thoughts from the chaotic noises of others’ thoughts and episodes of bipolar emotions that linger strangely only onto my forearms. As an empath, waves of others’ feelings are like water ebbing and flowing onto my forearms, ending up at my elbows that I’ll transmute or ultimately push and block out.

The student had a logical thought process and reasoning skills. Here, as students, we are laying the foundation for the School of Thought and the foundation for rational reasoning to guide our decisions. The student’s thoughts flow through, leaving no human errors or erosion by confusion, illogical interjection of thoughts, and deluded belief systems. The limitation of this student’s thought is that it flows through sequentially, but it’s perfect for the intellectual technocratic class.

Let’s conclude this post by saying that my past life as a giant Atlantean or Atean woman seeps into my mundane, ordinary life, its alien origin to remind me of things long dead and gone. Of mental capacity, physical stature, and abilities shared amongst its people who colonized Earth’s ancient past and built a highly advanced technocratic society and their city of lights with semi-perfect tall giant humans.

Post Disclaimer

The psychic channel information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by Olive RA, and while she endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, she make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the post for any purpose. Additional research from readers is needed to confirmed their validity, and do not steal original content information without Olive RA's permission, as this is a collection of channel messages and an autobiography of a psychic healer.

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