About Olive RA


I go by the name Olive RA. I was born in Thailand on the outskirts of Nakhon Phanom refugee camp, which is now a modern military base. The conflict of the Vietnam War and bombing raids from the United States CIA’s secret war in Laos left my family scattered across the globe, only to settle into an unknown land with nothing but the clothes on our backs. No one knows more about post-war trauma better than my family and I. So, I have dedicated myself to the journey of healing after anomalous covert war programs created diasporic and traumatized people.

I thank my late maternal grandmother’s creative and intuitive abilities, which she has passed on to me, and the family of healers who have initiated me to become a Universal Energy worker. Allow me to offer my intuitive medical reading, holistic knowledge, and yoga healing for health-related integration to the public.

This is an autobiography of a psychic healer and a collection of psychic channel messages from the spiritual realms, other worlds, and beyond timelines.


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